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Genting Skyworlds Theme Park: #1 Must-know Guide To Maximize Your Fun

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park: #1 Must-know Guide To Maximize Your Fun

Genting Highlands, one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia, is definitely a place that is worth your visit. Besides the casino, one of the attractions in Genting Highlands that attract you is definitely the theme park, Genting Skyworlds Theme Park. You shouldn’t miss this attraction, especially if you love the excitement.

If you haven’t been to Genting Highlands for years, Genting Skyworlds Theme Park is a brand-new outdoor theme park. You can easily get there by taking the cable car at Sky Avenue Station. The whole journey takes about 10 minutes. Enjoy the view as you make your way there.

With nine unique themes at the theme park, there is a wide range of rides, and you will find one that suits you. In this article, we will explore the rides and some tips you should know before you head off to the theme park to ensure you maximize your time and enjoy yourself.

Genting Skyworlds Themed #1 - Central Park

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: The Rakyat Post

There are plenty of rides at Central Park, which can be exciting for those who love taking rides. If you want some excitement, consider going up on the ESD Global Defender. There will be plenty of twists and turns, so be prepared for it. The ride starts slow and eventually goes faster. You won’t be disappointed with this ride.

Independence Day: Defiance Rides is another exciting ride you can consider. This is a 4D ride where you can enjoy a fun experience with your family. The sounds and visual illusions will definitely impress you. So, buckle up for a special bonding with your friends and family.

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Zafigo

If you want light entertainment, visit the Lake of Dreams. You can enjoy a stunning fountain show which moves with the music. The lighting effects are definitely amazing. Go to the Natural History Museum, where you will find a massive dinosaur fossil when you arrive at the entrance.

Another ride that suits families is the Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem ride. It is an engaging 3D ride with interactive shooting activities. Watch the exhibits come to life as you shoot them

Genting Skyworlds Themed #2 - Andromeda Base

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Check In Chill

Andromeda Base is a place for Sci-fi and fans of the outer space. You will be thrilled with the rides and activities here. Challenge yourself at the Terraform Tower Challenge. It is one of the rides that you will remember for a lifetime once you sit on it. It takes you up and down at the fastest speed.

Want to have some more thrill? Take the Alpha Fighter Pilots, which will twist and rotate in 360-degree loops. Be the pilot and control the simulation. It is a ride that will test your physical and mental health. Be prepared for the dizziness, but it will be a riveting experience.

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Genting Skyworlds

If you want a less thrilling experience, Boot Camp Training suits you. It is actually an obstacle course which suits all ages. There will be slides and roped floors before you reach the end. You can grab a drink at the juice bar, as there is one in the area. You can grab and go and continue your fun at the theme park.

Genting Skyworlds Themed #3 - Ice Age

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Genting Skyworld

Based on the movie, it is an area for fans of the Ice Age. You can still visit if you are not. You will find some familiar characters from the movie. There is plenty of fun you can enjoy there.

Start by riding through places such as ice caverns and lava tunnels. You will see prehistoric creatures which you will never have a chance to see. Be part of the history of this ancient set-up. Extinct animals, such as saber-toothed cats, will surround you. It will be a fun ride, especially for families.

Video Credit: Theme Park Worldwide

Hop on the roller coasters at Acorn Adventure for a speed ride. It seems to be the scariest roller coaster in Genting Skyworlds. You will be taken on a ride through an Ice Age-themed journey. The speed is definitely fast enough for you to enjoy the thrill.

Genting Skyworlds Themed #4 - Liberty Lane

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Genting Theme Park

You don’t have to take a plane to visit San Francisco. Using the ’60s as a backdrop, find the streets of San Francisco at Liberty Lane. You will find yourself in New York once you step into this area.

Video Credit: Daniel Adam

Enjoy yourself in another 3D ride – Invasion of the Planet of the Apes. You will definitely enjoy this as it is different from the typical cinema layout. You will find yourself in a battle, helping to save the ape before humans kill them all.

Liberty Lane is also a place for you to look for food. There are a couple of shops selling food that you can enjoy, especially if you love finger treats. You can even find gigantic hotdog creations that will satisfy your hunger.

Genting Skyworlds Themed #5 - Rio

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Genting Skyworlds

Rio is an area with less thrilling rides. It is a family-friendly area, especially if you have younger kids who don’t dare to sit on those thrilling rides or haven’t reached the height for the rides. It also brings one of Disney’s animations into real life.

genting skyworlds
Image Credit: Oh Media

Enjoy the rides such as Carnaval Chaos, which goes in a circular motion. It will take you from one side to another. Blue Sky Carousel is another option for those who want to enjoy a slow and relaxed ride. It moves at a moderate pace.

For a slightly thrilling ride, Samba Gliders is a perfect choice. It is one of the top-rated rides at Genting Skyworld. The highest it goes will be 65 ft, and expect plenty of rotations in the air.

Tips To Enjoy Your Trip At Genting Skyworlds

You want to book the tickets for Genting Skyworld beforehand. This is to ensure you a guaranteed entry. What’s more, you may have a discount if you book online. You can book it through their website.

Also, download their apps – Genting Skyworlds Theme Park APP. It can be handy as you can reserve 4 virtual queues for rides you want to sit. It helps you to avoid the long queue, saving your waiting time for other rides. You can maximize your time at the theme park.

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