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A Perfect Day in Shah Alam: 6 Must-Do Activities for Unforgettable Fun

A Perfect Day in Shah Alam: 6 Must-Do Activities for Unforgettable Fun

When speaking about theme parks in Malaysia, the first thing that may come to your mind will be Legoland Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon, Escape Penang, etc. But one place you shouldn’t miss is I City Shah Alam, which is also filled with full of fun activities.

The i City Shah Alam is a popular tourist spot in Malaysia where many locals and tourists will visit. The main thing that attracts people to visit is their concept. They are a technologically advanced theme park where you will be amazed at the activities they provide.

Filled with plenty of activities, you will basically need one day to enjoy all of it. If you have not been there, you may be confused about what activities exactly are there. But don’t worry, as we will brief you on the activities you can enjoy at I City Shah Alam. It is definitely a family-friendly place where you can enjoy with your family.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #1 – SnoWalk

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: I city

You won’t be able to see snow in a country where the weather is hot throughout the year, such as Singapore and Malaysia. But SnoWalk by I City can make your dream come true if you love experiencing snow without going out too far. It allows you to experience the winter in Malaysia.

Covering 50,000 square feet, SnoWalk is the largest indoor snow park in Malaysia. There are plenty of things you can do in there, such as making snowmen and having snow fights. There are also different levels of slides for you to enjoy the speed. To allow you to have a feel of winter, there will be snow constantly falling from above.

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: Santai Sini

The temperature inside is -5°c. It will definitely be cold, so wear clothes that can keep yourself warm. There will be winter coats and boots for rent. Besides enjoying the snow activities, navigate to the snow village, where you can find shops and houses made of ice and snow. There’s also a penguin park where you are allowed to see the penguins.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #2 – House Of Horror

i City Shah Alam

Are you brave enough to face the horror? If so, you wouldn’t want to miss the house of horror at I City. Covering 15,000 square feet of space, be prepared to see zombies, mummies, ghosts, mummies, and even pochong.

Don’t worry about getting scared, as the place is decorated in a more family-friendly way. But still, it is still enough to scare those that are less brave. They use automated puppets to decorate the place, so you won’t see any staff dressing themselves up to scare you off. But do expect some during special occasions.

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: i city

If you are prepared for those ghostly features that will come to life, why not visit the house of horror for some excitement? They are constantly adding more ghostly features to give visitors a fresh new look, so you do want to look forward to it.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #3 – Waterworld

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: Selangor travel

Don’t miss the Waterworld as there are full of activities you can enjoy there. Take one of the rides on the slides for an adventurous day and make the most by enjoying all the activities there. It is a popular attraction among the locals and also tourists.

The ultimate tornado is one of the slides you will want to take. Get a feeling of how the water swirls down the plug hole. Be prepared to scream as you slide down. The whole ride takes about 30 seconds.

There are also other slides for adults and children to enjoy. Similar to other theme parks, they also have a wave pool and lazy river for you to relax. Compared to other theme parks like Sunway Lagoon, Waterworld may be small, but still a great place for you to enjoy with your family.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #4 – Red Carpet Wax Museum

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: Selangor Travel

If you can’t meet your favorite celebrities in real, you may want to consider visiting the Red Carpet Wax Museum. The Red Carpet Wax Museum is one of the main attractions in I City, and you will definitely not miss this as the building is in red.

From celebrities to global leaders, there’s a range of figures that is made out of wax. As you walk in, you will find Harry Potter, Mr Bean, Michael Jackson and many more. If you can’t take a photo with the real person, this is also an option to take with your favorite celebrities.

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: I city

The place is divided into different zones for you to navigate easily. The zones include Asian and Western movie stars, world leaders, and historical and martial artists. It is definitely worth the trip especially if you love to visit wax museum.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #5 – Trick Art Museum

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: Trip.com

If you are looking for some entertainment and want to get some creative photography, visiting Trick Art Museum can be a good option. There are full of tricks that can deceive you easily, so are you observing enough to uncover them?

There are five themes in the museum, which include Masterpieces, Egyptian, Animal Kingdom, Marine Life, and Modern Classic. Each theme has its paintings to trick your eyes. But the fun part is if you pose at the right angle, you can blend in seamlessly.

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: Coffee Break Studio

The 3D images that are painted on the walls and floors are all hand-drawn. The painters come from different countries, such as China, South Korea, and Iran. It is an amazing place to spend with your family and also spark your creativity.

Activities In I City Shah Alam #6 – City Of Digital Lights

i City Shah Alam

If you have some time during the night, you want to capture the beauty of I City Shah Alam at the City of Digital Lights. What makes it unique is the place is decorated with colorful LED lights. You will find yourself immersed in the world of LED lights.

It will be a great spot to take photos, but it can be challenging due to the amount of artificial light. Another attraction will be the Dancing Water, where the water dances with the lights and audio. It can amaze with the beauty.

i City Shah Alam
Image Credit: FMT

If you want to have another view of the lights, go for the space walk, where you sit on a motor-driven cycling vehicle and cycle around the park. One thing to mention is that you will ride on a raised track. Get a different view as you ride through the light trees.

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