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Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots : 5 Interesting Locations To Spend Time At

Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots : 5 Interesting Locations To Spend Time At

Johor Bahru must visit spots are scattered throughout the city. There are many different locations that are not only beautiful and breathtaking which are seen as must visits when spending time in the city. Here are 5 must visit locations when spending time in Johor Bahru city — regardless if its a weekend drive up or a staycation.


Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots #1: Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

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Image Credit: Tourism Johor

The Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple which is also known as the Old Temple stands as one of the oldest and most well known and respected religious landmarks in the city of Johor Bahru. Built in the 19th century by the Chinese community, this temple is a symbol of unity among the five Chinese dialect groups namely Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, and Hainanese. The temple is known to be dedicated to five deities which helps in reflecting the cultural diversity of Johor Bahru’s Chinese population.

The architecture of the Old Chinese Temple is a key element that showcases traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The building is adorned with intricate carvings, colourful murals and a distinct pagoda roof.  Visitors are immediately captivated with the view of a serene courtyard upon entering which then extends to the main hall where the statues of the deities are beautifully located. The temple’s ambience is peaceful and calm and the aroma of burning incense is a distinct scent lingering in the air; thus, creating a tranquil atmosphere for worshippers and tourists visiting the shrine.

One of the temple’s most popularised events is the annual Chingay Parade. This event is held during the Chinese New Year. This procession features vibrant performances and action such as lion dances, dragon dances and various other cultural elements. This parade is known to attract thousands of spectators and participants comprising of all race, religion and communities.  The parade starts from the temple and proceeds through out the streets of Johor Bahru and highlights and showcases the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of the city’s Chinese community.

The Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple does not only function as a place of worship but also is a cultural hub in the heart of the city. It offers insights into the mesmerising history and traditions of the local Chinese community in the country. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder of the contributions of early Chinese settlers to the development of Johor Bahru as a whole. Visiting this temple provides a unique cultural experience; therefore, allowing many to appreciate occurrence of history, religion as well as embodying the community spirit that characterises this legendary historical landmark.


Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots #2: Istana Besar

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Image Credit: Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu

Istana Besar is also known as the Grand Palace which is a key structure in the city of Johor Bahru. This is a significant historical and cultural landmark in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and is built in the year 1866 by Sultan Abu Bakar. The palace is known as a symbol of the state’s rich heritage as well as providing an insight to the royal lineage of the state.

Its architectural design depicts a good mix of Anglo-Malay influences; thus, reflecting the goals and vision of Sultan Abu Bakar who was known to be highly inspired by European styles back in the day especially during his travels. The palace’s majestic white structure is adorned with intricate carvings and gorgeous gardens which greatly exudes grandness, opulence and elegance while capturing the essence of Johor’s royal legacy. In the current era, the Istana Besar houses the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. This place sets out to offer visitors a glimpse into the culturally rich lifestyle of the Johor royalties.

The museum showcases an impressive collection of royal artefacts some of which include ceremonial elements, traditional costumes, jewellery collections as well as important historical documents. These exhibits help in providing valuable insights into the state’s history, culture, as well as the role and duties played by the royal family when it came to shaping Johor’s development. When browsing and walking through the halls of Istana Besar, guests can admire the decorated interiors that are rich and lavish. The Istana Besar features exquisite chandeliers, antique furnitures and beautiful artworks that are splayed across the walls of the establishment.

The palace also includes a royal mausoleum which is a dedicated area in which the members of the Johor royal family have been laid to rest. This aspects adds a sense of reverence and solemnity to the location. Istana Besar is not just a key structure when it comes to Johor’s past but also a living part of its present. It remains an active site for royal ceremonies and functions as it acts as a place that links the historical narrative with contemporary traditions that were made and followed back in the day.

For tourists and history enthusiasts, a visit to Istana Besar is a journey through time as it sets out in offering a great understanding of Johor’s royal heritage and cultural evolution over the years. Its strategic location which is overlooking the Straits of Johor further becomes a pull factor, therefore, providing stunning view that complement the palace’s historic charm and aesthetics.


Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots #3: Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

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Image Credit: The Star

The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple in Johor Bahru is a stunning and unique Hindu temple that stands as a key aspect in the artistic and spiritual innovation of Hindus in the state. This temple was originally built in 1922. However, the temple underwent a remarkable transformation in 2008 and this was when the exterior and interior were adorned with hundreds of thousands of pieces of colourful glass.

This intricate and tedious work covers nearly every surface in the holy place of worship; thus, creating a dazzling effect especially when sunlight filters in through the temple. This makes this temple one of the most visually striking places of worship in the world. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali while also featuring the shrine of other Hindu deities in which each are beautifully decorated with glass elements; hence, creating a beautiful and breathtaking ambience.

Inside the temple, visitors will be able to notice glass mosaics that are made to depict religious scenes, cultural motifs, and intricate patterns which are seen to cover the walls, ceilings and pillars in the space. The temple’s main hall features a stunning chandelier as well as intricately designed glasswork that reflects light in a range of beautiful colours. This visual spectacle is not just meant to serve an aesthetic purpose but also holds significant spiritual meaning alongside symbolising purity, clarity and divinity.

The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple is not just a place for worshippers but also a key cultural landmark in the city. This place is known to attract huge numbers of tourists from all over the world who come solely to marvel at the beauty of the space and to learn about Hindu traditions. The temple’s design meticulously integrates elements of different religions such as depictions of Buddha, Jesus as well as other prominent spiritual figures, thus, becoming a key outlet in promoting a message of peace and harmony. This inclusivity directly relates to the reflection of Malaysia’s multicultural society; hence, making the temple a symbol of unity.


Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots #4: Johor Zoo

johor bahru must visit spots, travel, trip, city
Image Credit: The Star

Johor Zoo is famously known as one of Malaysia’s oldest zoos. This location is a must-visit attraction in Johor Bahru city. Established in 1928 by the late Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, this historic establishment is conveniently located near the city centre which is helpful in making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists in the area. The zoo is home to a wide species of animals such as tigers, lions, elephants and exotic birds. This helps in providing visitors with an opportunity to observe a diverse range of wildlife.

The enclosures used in this zoo are designed to mimic the animals’ natural habitats. This is extremely important in ensuring their well-being while also being able to offer an immersive experience for guests. Educational programs and interactive sessions are regularly conducted in the establishment. This allows for visitors, especially children to learn about animal conservation and the importance of protecting endangered species from a young age.

The greenery and well-maintained landscapes of Johor Zoo help in creating a serene environment throughout the space; thus, making it an ideal spot for families to spend a day out. Picnic areas and playgrounds are available in the area. This ensures that children have plenty of space to play and explore without them getting bored too easily. Additionally, there are many interactive activities such as feeding sessions and animal shows which are often held throughout the day and these activities can help in providing an engaging and informative entertainment to the visitors.

In addition to its role as a recreational space, Johor Zoo is known to actively be involved in conservation efforts and breeding programs when it comes to endangered species. These initiatives contribute to the preservation of wildlife alongside raising awareness when it comes to the concern over environmental issues. Johor Zoo sets out to offer a unique and enjoyable experience for all visitors regardless of age or gender. Whether you are an avid wildlife enthusiast or just looking to have a fun day out, Johor Zoo has something interesting and captivating to offer everyone.


Johor Bahru Must Visit Spots #5: Danga Bay

johor bahru must visit spots, travel, trip, city
Image Credit: Tourism Johor

Danga Bay which is situated along the gorgeous waterfront of Johor Bahru well known destination that offers a wide array of activities and attractions for tourists or locals of all ages. This coastal development location is well known for its stunning views of the Straits of Johor. This location is key in making it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll along the beach or to enjoy a relaxing evening by the sea. 

The bay area is complete with a variety of dining options ranging from casual eateries to more high end and famous restaurants in the city whereby one can savour both local and international cuisines while enjoying the beautiful ambience of the seaside. For those seeking more adventure on their trip, Danga Bay offers a wide variety of recreational activities within the vicinity such as boat rides; hence, providing a perfect mix of excitement and relaxation.

Families visiting the area can have fun and relax at the Danga World Theme Park with their loved ones. This theme park features funfair rides, carnival games as well as live performances that are sure to delight children and adults that are in the area. The Danga Bay Marina is another key aspect within the area that serves as a hub for boating enthusiasts while offering stunning views of the yachts against the backdrop of the beach as city skyline.

Additionally, Danga Bay is also home to several retail outlets and shopping complexes in which visitors can indulge in some retail therapy throughout their visit to the location. Visitors can head out to explore a range of boutiques and shops that often times carry everything one can ask for, ranging from fashion items to simple souvenirs. 

Whether it’s enjoying a meal with a stunning beach view, taking part in various water-based activities or simply soaking in the vibrant energy of the waterfront, Danga Bay provides a versatile and enjoyable experience that highlights and showcases the vibrant and calm scene of the Johor Bahru’s coastal charm. This location continues to attract both locals and tourists; therefore, becoming a must-visit spot when spending time in the city.


In conclusion, there are a variety of must visit spots that are located all around Johor Bahru city that you can visit when spending your time in the area. Based on your interest, you can choose to visit any of the mentioned locations above to guarantee you a fun time in the city. For those looking to spend a relaxing and hassle free time during your trip to Johor Bahru city, consider booking a private car or MPV for your journey. You will be able to fully relax and enjoy your moments with your loved ones without worrying about travelling from one location to another.




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