5 Top Pontian Attractions That You Must Experience

5 Top Pontian Attractions That You Must Experience

Have visited most of the places in Johor and unsure where to go? Pontian may be a place you want to visit. It may not be as well-known as places such as Jonker Street in Melaka or Legoland Malaysia in Johor Bahru, but Pontian attractions are places where you can have a more relaxed holiday.

It takes about one and half hours from Singapore to Pontian, a small town located southwest of Johor Bahru, which is renowned for its seafood and pineapple plantations. Don’t miss this place if you are a seafood lover. Of course, there are many other places worth your visit. You may have heard of Pontian Kechil and Pontian Besar before. Pontian Kechill is where most of the attractions are, while Pontian Besar is where the administrative office is.

The Pontian District may not be the usual tourist spot in Peninsular Malaysia that most people will visit. But you will want to plan a short trip to explore the town’s charm. You will never know what you will find there. It is also one of the best places if you are looking for a day trip. In this article, we will bring you to discover some of the interesting Pontian attractions where you can spend your holiday.

Top Pontian Attractions #1 - Pulau Kukup National Park

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If you love nature, you want to visit the world’s second-largest mangrove swamp island. Pulau Kukup National Park covers up to nearly 647 hectares and was established to protect the mangrove forest. You get to see some rare species of flora and fauna at this national park.

There are many ways to explore the national park. You can take a boat ride and tour around the mangrove island. Discover the mangrove species that are grown there. You can also explore the national park by foot. You will find some wildlife there, such as saltwater crocodiles, flying foxes, and many more. There’s also a bird sanctuary for you to visit.

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The national park is recognized by the RAMSAR site. Visiting the Pulau Kukup National Park can provide you with a unique experience. You will be surprised by the panoramic view of the surrounding area, which you won’t get from other places.

Top Pontian Attractions #2 - Pontian Wholesaler Fish Market

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If you are looking to buy some cheap and fresh fish, this Pontian fish market is where you should go. You won’t find many bidding markets in Malaysia; Pontian wholesaler Fish Market is one of them. You will find trucks filled with fresh fish, and fishmongers will shout to ask customers to bid for the fish. It will be a unique experience for you.

The fish are usually sold reasonably, so don’t worry about the price getting too high. Many restaurant owners come to find their food sources here. Besides the bidding session, you may have a chance to see species that you have never seen before. You may learn more about different types of species here.

You are not alone if you bring your own icebox. Many Singaporeans bring their own to get the freshest fish here. Besides, there are also vegetables, fruits, or other fresh seafood at the indoor market waiting for you to get. Don’t worry if you don’t want to bring it back home. You can go to the nearest seafood restaurant and request them to cook for you. But you need to pay for the service charges.

Address: 12/13, Taman Suraya Indah, Jalan Kukup, 82000 Pontian, Johor

Top Pontian Attractions #3 - Coxn Cafe

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A hidden seaside cafe in Pontian, Coxn Cafe is a top choice for couples. It is located in a kampung area, which is quite well-known among the locals. Facing the Pontian seaside, you get to enjoy the sound of waves and watch the sunset view as you enjoy your meal.

The romantic ambiance definitely attracts many locals. It has also become a tourist attraction offering a wide range of food. From Western cuisine to desserts and appetizers, they definitely will satisfy your taste buds. There’s also a great backdrop for you to capture the moment.

They also offer outdoor dining where you can hold birthday celebrations. If you intend to have a birthday celebration for your friends or family during the trip. Coxn Cafe is a perfect choice. You can also opt for a simple meal if you don’t want a big celebration. You will definitely have an unforgettable dining experience here.

Address: Batu 39, Lorong Parit Ibrahim, Kampung Rimba Terjun, 82000 Pontian

Top Pontian Attractions #4 - Nictar Pineapple Park

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Nictar pineapple park is a place where you can learn about nature and farming activities. It is definitely a place to visit for a family trip. Besides, it is not all about pineapples. The owner also includes a bee farm inside the pineapple garden.

The pineapples that are grown here are juicier and sweeter compared to others. This is because the owner uses soft swamp oil. You can take a tour if you want to visit the farm. Their staff will guide you through the garden and explain the things about growing pineapples.

Besides, the owner also raised bees. The bees produce fresh honey and also benefit the pineapple garden. It helps the growth of pineapple through pollination. You can purchase some fresh pineapple and pure honey before you leave. There are also different flavors of jam for you to purchase.

Address: PTD10822, Batu 24, 81500 Pekan Nanas, Johor

Top Pontian Attractions #5 - Sin Kee Kedai Mee

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One dish you shouldn’t miss in Pontian will be the Wanton Mee. Different from the usual wanton mee that you usually see. You will find the sauce for the wanton mee in Pontian in red. Once you try it, you will definitely fall in love with it.

Sin Kee Kedai Mee is one of the oldest shops that sells Pontian-style wanton mee. The Pontian-style wanton mee uses tomato ketchup as the sauce for the noodles. They also sell the traditional style with dark sauce. It is served with char siew and wanton.

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Besides that, you may also want to try their self-creation – black pepper wanton noodles. You may love it. They also do have otak-otak, which is mildly spicy.

Address: 1120, Jalan Bakek Jaya Utama, Kampung Atap, 82000 Pontian

Top Pontian Attractions #6 - Tanjung Piai National Park

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Tanjung Piai Nation Park is another Johor National Park worth your visit, especially if you are a nature lover. Haven’t heard of Tanjung Piai before? It is a place located at the southernmost tip of Mainland Asia.

The mangrove helps to maintain the ecosystem, and this is why the park is protected by the government. You get to learn about the flora and fauna in this mangrove forest. Along the journey, you will find information boards where you get to know more information.

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Take a slow walk and enjoy the nature. Besides being surrounded by the mangrove forest, you will find some animals, such as jumpy mudskippers, hermit crabs, monkeys, and many more. Remember not to bring food into the park. It may get snatched by the monkeys.

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